Super Feed is a feed having dense Protein and Energy. It can be called as Protein Energy Balancer. It needs Dilution with digestible Fibre Sources (available locally example Maize, Cotton Cake, Rice Bran, Wheat Bran etc.) before actual Feeding.
It should be used optimally to balance the Protein and Fat of the actual Compound Feed. However it can be used from 20% to 50% of the final feeding quantity.
Along with the crossbred milking cows it is suitable to all the ruminants viz. Indian Breed Cows, Buffaloes, Goats, Sheep and draft bullocks even.
In case of cows and Buffaloes 2 to 3 Kg per day can be used while In case of Goat and Sheep 250 to 500 gms per day can be fed.
Shrihari as a protein energy balancer
  •  Brings the animal into positive energy balance and improves the body score condition.
  •  Gives highest possible quantity of milk
  •  Improves the quality of milk which is high in Fat, SNF, and milk Protein particularly.
  •  Improves the breeding cycle by enhanced conception rate.
  •  Keeps away the production diseases by regular usage.
For best results of SHRIHARI for the cow COTTON CAKE (Krishi Gold or Bhakti Gold) and Rape Seed Meal (High UDP RSM) should be used along with the Super Feed.
Yes, as per the experience gathered from the field an average Indian Cow having 4000 to 5000 liters of milk per lactation (15 liters milk per day) can be fed with following formula
  • Shrihari Super Feed - 2Kg per day
  • Cotton Cake - 3 Kg per day
  • RSM (High UDP) - 1 Kg per day
  • Maize (ground) - 2 Kg per day
This combination has proved itself by giving 20% incremental milk yield with qualitative parameters of 4.5% FAT, 9.1% SNF with 3.5% milk Protein in the milk. In turn an incremental 40% monitory benefits.   
No, Although it is rich in available phosphorus the practice of Feeding Mineral Mixture as per routine should be continued.
No. However, slight sprinkling of water just before feeding is recommended.
Yes, as a PEB (Protein Energy Balancer) it is very much useful for Pregnant cowsin restoring the energy in the form of body fat. It can be fed 1 kg per day for last 60 days of pregnancy.
Any change in the feed should be done slowly and gradually. Similarly the feed manufactured with Super Feed should be included in the diet Slowly and gradually starting from feeding 250 gms per time on the first day to full quantities within a time period of 15 to 20 days.
High UDP RSM is a Rape Seed Meal (37% CP) Produced by ANPL using advanced patented Technology to reach the bypass protein value of 73%. Routine RSM (CP 37%) having 31% bypass protein Value.