ABHAY GOLD Cotton Cake

There is a great need to increase the availability of protein-energy rich Compound Feed to dairy industry at Better price. This is to address the requirement of forever-growing human population through their consumption of milk in order to minimize the protein mal-nutrition in India. In spite of remarkable growth in Milk production, the annual per capita availability of milk is just 130 gm, which is far below the stipulated need of 235 gm milk



Abhay Nutrition Private Limited (ANPL) is a customer centric, innovative product based company and always thinks the needs of the dairy industry and produces value added quality animal feed products through its R & D center duly approved by DSIR of Government of India, established at Jalna Maharashtra INDIA.

The progressive increase in high productive dairy animal population consequently increased the demand for an effective & affordable low priced balanced Compound feed as a source of protein and energy in diets. Exorbitant increase in price and frequent scarcity of balanced compound feed to farmers, forces ANPL to do an extensive R&D and provide High Quality Balanced Compound Feed in the name of ABHAY GOLD Cotton Cake, to its valuable customer at an affordable price.

The R&D efforts enriched us to address all the malnutrition problems effectively. ANPL’s ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake is best source of Crude Protein with Energy and is better than any other good source of available Cotton cake in the market.

ABHAY GOLD COTTON CAKE is a best value for money. It is less in price & best in results. ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake gets balanced for Protein-Energy ration along with essential Minerals & Vitamins. It is added with toxin binders & mold inhibitors.

Process Route of ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake


Difference between ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake & other Cotton Cake in the market

ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake Other Cotton Cake
ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake  contains 25% Min. Protein Other Cotton Cake contains 20-22% Max. Protein
ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake contains 10% Min. Cotton Other Cotton Cake contains 7-8% Max. Cotton
ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake digestibility is more than 80% Other Cotton Cake digestibility is more than 80%


Specification of ABHAY Gold Cotton Cake

Sr No Parameter /Product CRUDE PROTEIN (Min) FAT (Max.) CRUDE FIBRE (Max.) MOISTURE (Max.) SAND SILICA (Max.) TDN (Min.) AFLATOXIN (Max) GOSSYPOL (Max)
1 ABHAY GOLD 21 09 35 10 2 80 50 ppb 50 ppm

Additional information

Silent Features

Silent feature of ABHAY Gold is
1. Excellent Mixture of Fat & Bypass Protein
2. Could be the best digestibility (80%) feed available to the date.
3. Containing Pure, Natural & Organic Protein 25% & Fat 10%
4. Filled in with highly digestible fiber 23-25%
5. Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals


Benefits of using ABHAY Gold is
1. Less in price & Best in results
2. Significant increment in Milk Yield
3. Improvement in Milk Quality (Fat, Protein & SNF)
4. Improvement in Cattle Health


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