There is a great need to increase the availability of protein-energy rich Compound Feed to dairy industry at Better price. This is to address the requirement of forever-growing human population through their consumption of milk in order to minimize the protein mal-nutrition in India. In spite of remarkable growth in Milk production, the annual per capita availability of milk is just 130 gm, which is far below the stipulated need of 235 gm milk.



The unique patented process technology of ANPL facilitates to produce Abhay Protein RSM (Cattle Grade) of 38% with an Oil / Fat content of 2-3 % (with total Albuminoids of 41% max) as compared to 18% to 20% of protein in traditionally processed methods.
The RSM (Cattle Grade) in the cattle feed is best utilized by the cattle because of its high” by-pass protein” value. The protein available in the RSM (Cattle Grade) is naturally a by-pass type of protein; in case of ruminants the protein as it does not degrade in Rumen is directly made available to the animal for body growth, maintenance or Production. Thus ultimately reducing the cost of protein feeding which is the highest one in case of dairy animals even.
The naturally occurred by-pass Protein in RSM (Cattle Grade) was in-tact and well protected to safe guard its naturally available benefits due to its Single stage Extraction, a patented process. The animals which have the RUMINANT DIGESTIVE SYSTEM would get benefited with the by-pass Protein of RSM (Cattle Grade) directly and facilitates to increase its growth rate, with an incremental Milk Yield / & Re- production capabilities besides an overall improvement of cattle health.

The characteristics of a particular meal are largely determined by the type of oil extraction process from which the meal was derived, – mechanical double extracted / screw-pressed or single step expander / extruded, direction extraction at nominal temperature & pressure profiles. Abhay’s being single step extraction, the naturally occurred amino acids, nutritional values & Metabolizable Energy of the Abhay Proteins had far superior qualities.
With the latest improvement, the fat given in the feed is always rumen protected i.e. in the form of BYPASS FAT hence the Feed gets balanced for Protein-Energy ratio along with essential MINERALS and VITAMINS.
The feed is kept free from all type of toxins and anti-nutritional factors.

The products wherever introduced are largely accepted by animals and appreciated by Owner Farmers, as it reduces the burden over their pocket.

Specification of Abhay Cattle Feed Products

High Quality – Abhay Proteins: Cottonseed Meal (CSM)

Sr No Description U.O.M Abhay Proteins Cottonseed Meal Remarks
1 Crude Protein % (w/w) 44-45
2 Crude Fiber % (w/w) 12-13
3 Metabolizable Energy (ME) Kcal / Kg 2100
4 Moisture – Max % (w/w) 10-11
5 Lipid / Residual Oil content – Max % (w/w) 1-2
6 Aflatoxin G1,G2; B1,B2 (US Flourimeter method) -Max PPB <20
7 Gossypol PPM <50
8 Digestibility % 85
9 UDP (Rumen Undegradable Protein) % 78-82%
Amino Acid Profile of High Quality Abhay Proteins: Cottonseed Meal (CSM)
1 Lysine % 1.96
2 Methionine % 0.78
3 Cysteine % 0.69
4 Threonine % 1.58
5 Tryptophan % 0.53
6 Arginine % 4.85
7 Iso Leucine % 1.29
8 Leucine % 2.62
9 Valine % 1.83
10 Histidine % 1.50
11 Phenylalanine % 2.35


UsageShould be use up to 10-30% in final formulation.


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