Rapeseed meal Is equally good source of Crude Protein (36-37%) with valuable Amino acids like Lysine (1.75-1.85%), Methionine (0.7-0.75), Cystine (1.0%) with Metabolizable Energy (of 1750 – 1870 kcal / kg) and are comparable to any good source of available plant protein meal. But due to Anti Nutritional factors such as Glucosinolates & Erucic Acid, impact bitterness to meal, which limits its inclusion in the feed formulation. Also the digestibility of conventional RSM is about 52-54% (as per KOH digestibility test)

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Ms. Abhay Nutrition Private Limited (ANPL) is an innovation driven and customer centric company located at Jalna, Maharashtra, India. ANPL always thinks the need of the customer and produces value added quality protein products through research in its in-house R & D center duly approved by DSIR, Government of India.

There is a great need to increase the availability of quality protein meal to poultry, cattle and aqua feed industry at affordable price. The quality protein in terms of higher digestibility and absorbability is needed to cater the need of the growing population. The progressive increase in poultry population consequently increased the demand for an effective &affordable low-priced plant protein meal as a source of protein in poultry diets. Exorbitant increase in price and frequent scarcity of existing meals to farmers, forces ANPL to do an extensive R&D and provide High Quality Rapeseed Meal, to its valuable customer at an affordable price.

ANPL unique process addresses the issues of ANF’S by deactivating the same, resulting in significant reduction of bitterness.

Further ANPL using innovative approach has been able to break down molecules structures to improve the absorption in the body. Thus with Abhay proteins RSM one can include it at higher percentage without affecting the performance and significant reduction in cost.

For better understanding on inclusion in the poultry feed formulation one can refer to the field trials DATA

Usage :  Should be used up to 8-10%  in final formulation

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Following are some few customers who is using & enjoying benefits of Abhay Proteins Hi-Pro RSM
1. Bhairavnath Poultry Farm
3. MKR Poultry Farm – Koppal
4. Venkatrama Poultry Farm Pvt. Ltd.
5. M/S.MBS Hatcheries

Product Sale Contact

Product Sale Contact :
Mr. Kiran Rebba + 91 9404505922

Mr. Nilesh Dahale + 91 9421305196

Mr. Lokesh +91 9603919831