Rapeseed Meal is equally a good source of Crude Protein (36-37%) with valuable Amino acids like Lysine (1.75-1.85%), Methionine (0.7-0.75),Cystine (1.0%) with Metabolizable Energy (of 1750 – 1870 kcal /kg) and are comparable to any good source of available plant protein meal. Abhay Proteins: Rapeseed meal is compatible and works effectively as a low-cost protein meal with the combination of other meals and addresses all the anti–nutritional factors effectively to an acceptable level in any of the formulated feeds.
Thanks to the ANPL’s novel process technology which provides maximum utilization of Amino Acids in RSM, in turns high unit protein value to the farmer.



Abhay Nutrition Private Limited (ANPL) is one of the leading manufacturers of High Quality Abhay
Proteins of RAPESEED MEAL (RSM) in the country. We produceRapeseed meal proteins through our unique and
innovative process technology (patent registered)& installed at Dhule, Maharashtra, India.The R&D efforts
enriched us to address all the anti-nutritional factors of rapeseed meal effectively.

Abhay Proteins: Rapeseed meal (RSM) – is specially produced with ANPL’s in-house developed unique
technique, a patent registered process to reduce the inherent performance inhibitors like Total Glucosinolates
(TGLs) (which vary from 20-160 Micro Moles depend on Soil & Genetic type of seed) and its breakdown/
degradation derivatives& other Metabolites like Iso-ThioCynates (ITCs),Vinyl Oxazolidinethiones (VOTs),
Thiocynates (SCNs), Nitriles &Epithionitriles along with other inhibitors like Erucic acid, Tannin and Indigestible
higher crude fiber.In this specially developed process we Detoxify and Destabilize the activity of
Glucosinolates(GSLs) & its derivative products to a tune of – 80% and neutralize the effect of Erucic Acid content
up to – 99.5%; Hence produced Rapeseed meal improves the digestibility of Amino Acids as due to its abundant
direct- availabilityand Indigestible Fiber.

Abhay Proteins: Rapeseed meal (RSM) is having higher KOH solubility (82%).The higher the solubility of protein
in KOH, the better is digestibility of the protein. The higher solubility in KOH indicates that the protein is less
thermally treated and superior in quality. One of the reasons of higher digestibility of ANPL rapeseed meal is
degree of hydrolysis of proteins. The ANPL RSM protein is having low molecular weight fractions which shows
faster absorption.

Abhay Proteins: Rapeseed meal (RSM) is having higher (2 times)UDP value as compared to the traditional
rapeseed meal available in the market. The UDP value is indicator of the rumen undegradable protein. It
indicates indirectly the protein absorption by the ruminal animals. The UDP value of ANPL rapeseed meal is
72.95% which indicates that nearly 73% protein is absorbed in the body.

Profit Mix
Save of feed cost per month by using with ABHAY Protein

Abhay Proteins: Rapeseed meal (RSM) is superior in quality as compared to the formaldehyde treated RSM.
The intestinal digestibility of ANPL Rapeseed meal is much higher as compared to formaldehyde treated
sample. This is due to the over protection of proteins due to formaldehyde treatment.




Specification of Abhay Cattle Feed Products

High Quality – Abhay Proteins: Rapeseed Meal (RSM)

Sr No Description U.O.M Abhay Proteins – Rapeseed Meal 36-38% CP Remarks
1 Crude Protein % (w/w) 36-38
2 Crude Fiber % (w/w) 12-14
3 Metabolizable Energy (ME) Kcal / Kg 1700
4 Moisture – Max % (w/w) 12
5 Lipid / Residual Oil content – Max % (w/w) 1
6 Aflatoxin G1,G2; B1,B2 (US Flourimeter method) -Max PPB Zero
7 Glucosinolates – Max (Anti nutritional / Performance Inhibitors) µ Moles 4 – 20
8 Erucic acid – Max % (w/w) Zero to Undetectable level 0.6% max limit to use
9 Digestibility % 85
10 UDP (Rumen Undegradable Protein) % 72-73
Amino Acid Profile of High Quality Abhay Proteins: Rapeseed Meal (RSM)
1 Lysine % 1.8
2 Methionine % 0.69
3 Cystine % 0.97
4 Threonine % 1.49
5 Tryptophan % 0.51
6 Arginine % 2.38
7 Iso Leucine % 1.45
8 Leucine % 2.5
9 Valine % 1.84
10 Histidine % 1.02
11 Phenylalanine % 1.48


Usage: Should be use up to 5-20% in final formulation.


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