Milk Phospholipid

The phospholipids from milk are significantly more bioactive as compare to other source of phospholipid like soya and eggs. The glycerophospholipid and sphingolipids are quantitatively most important phospholipid present in milk. Milk phospholipids are unique and consist of polar lipids like Sphingomyelin, Gangliosides, and Ceramides.



Key Benefits:

  • Maturation of cell membrane
  • Brain development
  • Protection of digestive system
  • Cell differentiation and proliferation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cholesterol lowering

Milk Phospholipid Concentrate

ANPL milk phospholipid concentrate (MPC) is a premium quality dairy ingredient, its neutral flavour, and colour, aroma make ideal ingredient for food manufactural and clinical nutrition. The MPC is selectively concentrate by simple, economical and special membrane base process without using any solvent besides water. Our MPC is cleanest, least processed and more importantly free from chemical impurities.



Name Protein(Dry basis) Fat Ash Moisture
MPC 60 % 10-12 % 8-10 % 6-8%


Product detail:

Product Name Application Packaging
Milk Phospholipid Concentrate  (MPC) Confectionery, Beverages, Frozen Yogurt, Ice cream, Salad dressing  processed cheese , Baked foods, protein bar, Infant Formulae. Paper/polyethylene bags.
Suitable closed container.
Net Weight 1-20 Kg.



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