Native Whey Protein

ANPL native whey proteins is a premium quality dairy protein, Its neutral flavour, colour, aroma make ideal ingredient for food manufactural and sport nutrition. ANPL native whey is start from clean and natural source, is produce from skim milk through state of art series of clean process selectively recover purest, most biologically active whey proteins. Our NWP is cleanest, least processed and more importantly free from chemical impurities.



  • High protein content and composition
  • Low fat
  • Undenatured
  • Preserves the cysteine enriched peptide
  • Higher in Branch Chain Amino Acid(BCAA)
  • Amino Acid Composition close to the human milk


  • Sport Nutrition
  • Confectionery
  • Processed Cheese
  • Infant Formula

Available Product:

Native Whey Powder (NWP):

Made exclusively from the micro filtered milk, our NWP contains no less than 10 % protein. It possess colour and mildly sweat flavour for wide range of application.

Product Name Application Packaging
Native Whey Powder
Confectionery, Desserts and Soup products , Processed food, Baked foods Paper/HDPE bags.
Net Weight 1-20 Kg.



Whey Protein Concentrate (NWPC) 35 %:

The cleaner native whey protein concentrate (35%) contains the no less than 35 % protein on dry basis.

Product Name Application Packaging
Native Whey Protein Concentrate 35
(NWPC 35)
Confectionery, Desserts, Ice cream products, Processed food, Baked foods, Processed cheese, Infants formula Paper/HDPE bags.
Net Weight 1-20 Kg.


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