Soya Oligosaccharides

Our Soya oligosaccharide made from the non- GMO soya bean and produce using the most advance resin adsorption technology in the world.

It is natural and functional oligosaccharides that contains stachyiose and Rafinose.  It acts as prebiotic for good bacteria and Probiotic (Bifidogenic), which help to multiply the beneficiary bacteria upto 40 times after daily consumption.

Recommended as natural and safe food by U.S Food and drug administration (FDA)




  • Non GMO
  • Prebiotic food
  • Nourishing the intestine
  • Support intestinal health
  • Easing constipation
  • Improving gastric and intestinal flora Provides probiotic effect


  • Healthcare foods
  • Soft drinks and candies
  • Cooked products
  • Dairy products
  • Infants formulae
  • Pharmaceutical products
Parameter Specification
Physical Parameter
Description White  Crystalline Powder
Aroma Characteristic
Taste Mild Sweet
Appearance Characteristic
Solubility 98 % dispersible in water
Chemical Parameter
Total Carbohydrate (Raffinose,Stachyose) ˃ 98  %
Protein <2 %
Fat Nil
Loss on drying < 5.0%
Microbiological Result
Total Aerobic plate count < 1000 CFU/G
Yeast and mold < 20 CFU/G
Total coliform Negative
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative


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