Technology Licensing

  1. The ANPL’s in-house developed patented technology has been licensed to Afrisian Ginning Limited, Tanzania and formed a joint venture. The main objective of joint venture is to set up Multi Oilseed Plant (cottonseed, sunflower, soya) at Dar-es-salaam with a view of potentially expanding regionally across Africa.


  1. The ANPL has also licensed a technology to 3M PLUS COMPANY SARL -Benin and formed joint venture called Agrico Nutrition Benin S.A. (JV Company). The JV will initial start with the processing plant of PALM NUT oilseeds in Phase 1a to crush 100 Metric Tons Per Day and produce Palm Kernel Crude oil (PKCO) and Palm Kernel Oil cake AND Shell. This could be further upgraded with ANPL’S NOVEL PROCESS TECHNOLOGY viz., to process Multi Oil seed processing facility viz., Cotton Seed, Soybean, Shea Nut, Cashew etc. as raw material to produce value added products.